From my experience of mixing and mingling with the wealthy royals in Jaipur and uber rich IT professionals in Bengaluru, I have watched that these are socially extraordinary groups experiencing an identity disaster. The people of Jaipur wish to be like a Bengalorean and the Bengaloreans constantly desire to ape the New Yorkers. One being from his customary foundation of diverse riches and royal heritage, has framed a tasteful declaration of “more is never too plenty” and the latter mentioned, who is the devoted explorer who copies a poor variant of “toning it down would be best”. While the royal battles to be noticed, the Bengalorean assumes he has arrived. Amidst this is the great photographer I came across, who each day dwindles between the two crazy philosophies of keeping it rich and regal while being totally minimal through his art of capturing the moment. Is that even an option you could work on?

I was quite intrigued to talk to the photographer as to where he is headed with all these mixed thoughts about luxury, simplicity, glamour yet low-key photography.

It’s true how the photographer shared that craftsmanship must inspire feeling and the interiors of a home aren’t any different.  He then spoke about how through photographs one could imbue vitality or quieten a bothered soul. It has the ability to revive a happy spirit within and impact day to day behavior. Enlightened by his thoughts, I dug deeper and wanted to know how he felt about luxury and simplicity both balanced on one arm, to which he smiled and answered, “Well my dear, architectural masterpieces and stunning interiors are less manhandled and basically, managed”. In a city like Jaipur, where each little component is delightfully made with devotion, from entryway handles to staircase rails, big palaces to lakes around it, from modern structures to lush green enclosures, such work of art is love and definitely inspirational that needs to be preserved.

The technicalities of architecture are apparent in the ways that not all understand. It is an amalgamation of furniture complementing the space its set in.  While huge rooms may seem emptier when a handful of littler furniture is placed, for instance, the use of correct lighting can add the touch of warmth and bring out the real beauty. Photographed with gentler hues can loan a space its comfort, independent of its size.

There is a constant struggle between people’s thoughts of aping western minimalism since it’s become a fashion in the Indian homes as well. Metropolitan cities are crushed with small spaces so modular and simplistic furniture does the trick. But, for homes that hold tradition or items passed down to them by ancestors, the idea is to blend the two philosophies and come out with a concoction that is modern yet keeps the roots intact. In my opinion, it is essential that each home speaks of the person in it and not just a current trend that has been setting. Giving a photographer the liberty to capture trends, tradition and add a pinch of creativity, architectural photography is bound to get revamped with a one of a kind look that has elements of the western world and the richness of the traditional life.

Irrespective of the city, the photographer friend mentioned to me that it’s crucial he sits and generates good vibes, invests time in understanding what defines the interiors individuality to bring out the closest artistic expression that the brick and mortar structure truly deserves regardless of an Indian background. There is definitely a risk of not getting it right, since photography is essentially about hues, the right light and the magic you create. The risks are there no doubt but taking the leap of faith and trusting your vision too is something that cannot be overlooked. Photography, be it for architectural marvels or simplistic homes, all depends upon the creative bend and talent of the capturer. Photography goes beyond walls and paint, arches and stairways… it is the sparkle and attraction that can be time capsuled for ages even when the physical structure may be down to sand.

The homes and architecture of Jaipur communicate stories that have memories wrapped around walls and drapes, chairs and closets, or may be simply be a reminder of the ancestors journey tweaked with the present day modern thinking that one day can be handed down to the generations to come. Blending photography’s simplicity with tradition is what would keep one closer to roots and happier in thoughts.

  • Avi Sharma
    Posted on March 29, 2018 at 7:00 am

    Great photos bringing every detail closer to eyes.
    Keep up the good work.

  • SannyFep
    Posted on December 7, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    Make a more new posts please 🙂


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